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When we worry we imagine negatively and dwell upon the negative imagination. We can therefore describe worry as negative imagination. It is a form of fear or anxiety caused by a feeling of uncertainty about some actual difficulty or difficulty in the future. Worrying is about thinking at length about the very thing we do not want to happen. Worry happens all the time because we tend to believe consistently in the worst.

When we worry we form in our imagination a mental picture of a negative future outcome. Whatever mental image it is on the picture, it has not happened. But we keep focusing on the picture and imagining it happening. We replay the picture many times, at times making additions to worsen the already negative outcome. By believing that the negative outcome is an inevitable possibility, we mentally transform it into reality. Our body then responds emotionally to the reality and we unavoidably experience anxiety, fear, tension, sweating, and heavy breathing at its worst.

Life is full of difficulties. But that does not mean we have to worry unnecessarily. For the vast majority of people, it is easily said than done. Most people worry needlessly. When we are faced with a problem, we worry because we are usually unsure or anxious about how to deal with it or we think the problem is going to get worse. Most of our worries are about potential difficulties which means we worry about things in the future that have yet to happen. And chances are most of them are unlikely to happen in the way we worry about.

Worry is a habit, and from where have we got this bad habit? Is it possible that we got our worrying habit through imitation? More likely, it stems from within us. Most of the times, we lack this inward optimistic feeling that good things will happen to us. When a thing is to take place that has an effect on us, most of the time we can only think negatively. We do not seem to realize that the effect on us can be positive.

Worry cannot in any way influence what is to happen tomorrow. All it does is causing mental and emotional disruptions. It weakens or causes loss of faith, unsettles peace of mind and disempowers us. Worry is best overcome by identifying its cause or causes that give rise to it and attempt to get rid of it. We need to believe that things can happen either way, not necessarily negatively or the assumed negative consequence may not occur.

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