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What is fear?

Fear is an unpleasant emotion or thought. It is the feeling you get when you are afraid or worried that something bad is going to happen. The feeling of fear has to be one of the greatest impediments to human progress. As human, you will always feel fear. But you must be very careful not to empower it so that it adversely influences your actions and decisions. It is the unfounded fear that is within you that is undermining your confidence, determining who you are, and jeopardizing all your real hopes of success.

Fear can be real or imaginary, and you experience it because of your misperception or misjudgement of a situation. It causes you to feel anxiety, insecurity, and a complete lack of positive feeling. There's a growing tendency for you to become hesitant or procrastinate. You are not able to think sensibly or logically. Fear imposes limitations upon your potential and ability, and in the process ruins your relationships with others.

You permit your mind to habitually dwell on countless negative thoughts and the resultant fears. The fears are just as numerous. You fear diseases, old age, loneliness, insecurity, victimization, ridicule, poverty, death, accident, ghosts and a whole lot more. There are legitimate fears as there are unfounded fears. Whatever they are, legitimate or otherwise, if you summon your courage and confront them directly, they simply wither away and eventually die.

When you fill your mind with only courageous thoughts, you leave no room for fears and you tend to make courageous decisions. Courage is not absence of fear but the overcoming of fear. Fear is all that lies between you and your dreams. Instead of seeing or feeling the fear, look at the further side of it towards your dreams. Move forward despite feeling the fear. Just have faith and do it. Your faith will never let you down. It will see you through.

Every one who seeks success in life should shield their mind from fear thought and other negative thoughts. Someone with fear thought in their mind is always anticipating that something, especially something unpleasant, is about to happen to them. In the meantime, their mind is totally devoid of positive thoughts which are so vital to success.

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