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The power of positive affirmation

Positive affirmation is positive self-talk. Making use of affirmations changes the way you think, feel and behave. You become what you say to yourself most of the time. Your affirmations must be positive and in the present tense. When you make an affirmation to yourself, you are confirming the truth of the statement. By saying it repeatedly to yourself, you are making a direct impact on your subconscious mind which eventually accepts it as a command and implements it.

Positive self-talk is a very powerful method used to program your subconscious for success. Using affirmations daily is a great way to improve your own self. You get or become what you think about. Likewise, you get what you say to yourself most of the time. Remembering this is important so that you do not say anything negative about what you don’t want but about what you really want. These well-know words, “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better” taught by the Swiss doctor, Emil Coue in 1910 to his patients proved very effective.

Making affirmations to your own self is similar to self-talk. The only difference is affirmations are positive statements repeated deliberately to your subconscious mind to make you feel positively in ways that you desire. Your self-talk has a great influence on your emotions and by carrying out inner dialogues, you gain control of your feelings, and thus your thoughts and actions, and ultimately your personality.

Every day you are subjected to external influences that make your upset, angry, etc. Being able to control your emotions, you are in a strong position to cope all the negative occurrences. This is the result of your way you talk to yourself. When you constantly think and talk to yourself about what you want, you leave no room in your mind to accept what you do not want. You are able to know that it’s not what goes on around you but what you think that goes on around you. You are then able to respond accordingly.

Using positive affirmations, you can determine the kind of person you want to be. What words people say to you are not as powerful as those you say to yourself. What they say do not matter to you. Your potential is there to feel any emotions you choose. You can use affirmations to develop self-confidence, self-belief, self-esteem, and more. A more effective method is to inject emotions into your affirmations. Your emotionalized affirmations which reflects your enthusiasm, etc spur you towards realizing your goals with greater determination.

There are things that you had done or had not done and till this day you still feel guilty whenever it is recalled in your mind. Use positive affirmations to refrain yourself from ever committing similar acts again. Whatever you had done in the past belong to the past and are of not much help to remember them. Face the truth that they were unintentional acts. Overcome your guilt feelings by affirming that you are a perfect being incapable of such wrong doings ever again in the future.

Affirmation is highly effective and brings you the desired result if you practise it diligently. But it cannot happen overnight. You cannot force a sudden change in your personality which is different from the image held in your subconscious mind. Using affirmations will change the subconscious image but slowly. Stick to your old self and let the change in the subconscious happen, and ultimately you will be the person you want to be.

An affirmation is a positive statement you make to yourself as though it is already a reality. The affirmation is persistently repeated to condition your mind to accept the new programming and install it as a consistent thought. The consistent thought is your new reality.