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Self-righteous people are proudly certain that whatever they say or do are totally correct and justifiable or they believe they are morally superior. It's as if they have never done anything wrong in their lives. Not only their behaviour, their ideas too they feel are morally better than those of other people. Such an inflexible attitude tends to cause intense annoyance to other people.

Self-righteous people are adamant they know everything. They say what they want to say and that’s all it matters. They are unwilling to listen to anyone else’s opinions. What other people say they dismiss as irrelevant. What is relevant is what they say. They are not in the least bothered about how ignorant they are or how little they know. They are very sure they know all.

These people speak in a way that shows they think they are always right. They blame humanity for the current state the world is in, and offer impractical suggestions to solve the global problems. They have no hesitation to proclaim how righteous and morally right they are and bemoan the failure of others to follow their ways of life. As is the case with self-righteous people, they do not typically practise what they preach so that simply, they are not as righteous or decent as they portray themselves to be.

What others do usually differs from what you do. From your point of view, you are absolutely certain you are doing it the right way. When you feel that any other ways of doing it are all wrong, and you even think the people who do it wrong are less intelligent, you become self-righteous. From this, it is completely obvious that your self-righteous thinking is the direct result of limited thinking and misperception.

Evolution has not brought human beings even close to perfection. The constant pursuit of perfection should be the priority task of the human race whose present state is far from satisfactory. A drastic change is needed in mankind’s attitude and behaviour in order to improve their situation. A concerted effort is required to bring about the improvement. It is only when they are unwilling to listen to or tolerate other people’s views and choose to pursue their own path that self-righteousness arises.

People who are self-righteous are ever on the defensive whenever contrary views are expressed by others. Their defensiveness is to conceal their sense of insecurity for they will never ever admit to any personal inadequacy. People with righteous thinking are highly unlikely to change their way of thinking. They continue to have negative perceptions of themselves and their misperceptions are their realities.