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Self-respect is having admiration, pride and confidence in your own self. You know you have to have great respect for yourself in order to gain respect from other people. When you respect yourself you are overly concerned with what you say and how you behave. Others tend to treat you with respect by the way you conduct yourself. How much self-respect you have for yourself depends on how much you value yourself.

Self-respect comes from experiencing a feeling of deep pleasure and personal satisfaction derived from your achievements, the good qualities and legally acquired possessions you have. You are fully conscious of your own dignity that you are intent on maintaining and the high opinion you have of yourself. Your confidence rises from your self-worth and abilities, and from not neglecting what you have to do because you are hard working and not lazy or idling. Self-respect is about how good you feel about yourself. How you feel about yourself is from successfully completing what you have to do, and from living a life of integrity.

If you are a person with self-respect you do not seek dependence on others if you can be employed or self-employed. Even if the job is unsuitable, unpleasant or involves hard physical work, you will still do it rather then being totally devoid of self-respect in idling. Your earnings may be meager, but you have great pride in yourself. You know you are completely independent of other people. You have self-confidence and are able to do things by yourself in your own way, without wanting money, help or advice from other people unless necessary.

Those who have been unemployed for considerable time through no fault of their own are very much deprived of self-respect. They feel it and grab at every job opportunity that comes their way. Money is not the motivation. Self-respect is. Being employed gives them a feel of their own responsibility, and independence, and a chance to demonstrate their dependability and ability in the work they do.

When you behave with prefect composure you are easily recognized as a self-respected person who deserves respect from others. Nothing could ruffle yousr composure under any circumstances. You are not sensitive and easily aroused emotionally. Others find it hard to provoke you to anger or into an argument. You are a shining example of self-respect wherever you may happen to be. You always maintain an admirable composure – a truly fine quality to emulate.

You know your appearance matters a great deal, whether in business or at social gatherings, so you undoubtedly choose to wear smart clothes and well polished shoes. You give your hair a good comb to ensure it is tidy. You also know a set of perfect white teeth is a big advantage as it gives you complete confidence when you smile. You put on a cheerful face wherever you may be. Being the sort of well-groomed person is a clear indication that you have much respect for yourself.

It’s very important that you are always conscious it’s your right to expect others to respect you. It is only when you like and respect your own self that other people do the same to you. If you like and respect yourself, you will never ever degrade yourself in front of other people. Neither do you want anybody to humiliate you. If they really do that to you, you do not tolerate it by comforting yourself that it is the first time they are doing it. You want to immediately demand strongly their unconditional respect. Otherwise, you walk away or break off the relationship.

By standing up for yourself, you make them learn the lesson of respecting not only you but other people as well. They are likely to respect you more. But if they agree to break off, you feel hugely relieved to be rid of them. There are however those who feel that it is not proper to stand up for one’s own right. If you don’t stand up for yourself, who in the world will? Eliminate such thinking and exert yourself whenever you have to and wherever you are. You have every right to protect yourself.

Wherever you are or whoever you meet on whatever day, you are always the same valued person. You have your self-worth and you know it, and it’s time other people knew it too and treat you accordingly. Anything short of that is unacceptable. Other people too have their self-respect. You have to be fully aware of it and their sensitivities. If they make a mistake, you choose to tolerate and forget it. You do not hurt their feelings by ridiculing them. You only wish them to be fully aware of their mistakes without losing their self-respect. When you leave their dignity intact, they will be even more careful of their actions in future. You need to understand that people’s feelings can be easily offended. Once offended, they can be very unforgiving, vengeful and might even be unwilling to admit their wrong. You have to adopt a gentle and careful approach to point out their mistakes to them.

Do you sometimes experience real fear? Most of your fears are unfounded. If you ignore whatever fears you have, they will remain with you till your last breath. Fears can only be dispelled by confronting them. Do the things you fear and your fears will disappear. Be ready to cope with situations or confront those people who make you feel fearful, and you will conquer the fear. Each time you overcome a fear, you increase your courage, self-confidence, and self-respect.

Make sure that every time you talk to yourself or think about yourself, you are not using negative self-talk or thinking negative thoughts. This is to avoid lowering your levels of self-respect and self-confidence. Concentrate only on positive self-talk and comforting thoughts until they become habitual, leaving no room for negative thinking.

If you are one of those people who always think there’s something wrong with you, you are likely to have pretty low self-esteem. You tend to criticize yourself a lot, and this easily drains you of your self-confidence and of course, self-respect.

You lose every bit of your self-respect when people come to know you are engaged in illegal activities. Even a one-off illegal act is enough for you to lose self-respect and others are unlikely to respect you. The worse is you are forced legally to go to jail. You feel you can no longer face anyone, not even your loved ones. Similarly, you do not respect yourself when you lie. A lie is a lie. No amount of reasoning or excuses can justify it. If you are found out for lying, you lose your credibility as well as your self-respect, so telling the truth at all times should be the guiding principle.

People who have no self-respect go around pleasing and agreeing with everybody. They are ever ready to do anything for anybody as if they have all the time in the world . They do not seem to have more important personal things to do. If that’s the way they treat themselves, other people tend to treat them the same way. Obviously, they don’t respect themselves, so they must not expect others to respect them.

Do not make all kinds of big promises you have little intention of keeping. Promises must be kept in order that you do not lose your credibility. When others lose their trust in you, they find it hard to believe you again no matter how much you try to make them believe you. When this happens, you inevitably feel your self-respect and the respect of others disappearing.

It is only when you have self-respect that you value your dignity and worthiness as a human being. You tend to treat yourself well, just as you will treat someone else, whom you respect, well.