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Self-renewal is about transforming yourself. It gives you a fresh life with renewed strength. You become a new person feeling better and more able, more competent and more effective by your willingness to adopt innovative ideas or appropriate measures.

Self-renewal is part of the self-development process and is a daily affair. Just about anything constructive you do every day contributes to your personal development that is inclusive of self-renewal, from reading a good motivational book to doing aerobic exercise. What about simple activities like a stroll in the park or a brief chat with the neighbour over a cup of tea? They certainly make you feel good. Anything that helps you feel good adds to your development.

The sheer volume of information available and the activities that you can get yourselves engaged in are all out there. The answers and solutions to your life’s problems are abundant. Know what you want, what you desire to renew yourself. Access them and utilize them. It can easily change your life for the better. Perhaps, you don’t need so much or so many of them; one or two ideas can bring tremendous difference to your life.

Personal development and self-renewal must be carried out on a daily basis for it to be effective. With so much information and knowledge to draw on to help you, and as each day passes with no effort expended on your part to make use of them, you are forgoing valuable use of your time for your daily self-renewal. Your procrastination and failure to see the urgency or importance of self-renewal cannot benefit you in terms of personal efficiency, productivity and creativity.

Self-renewing activities include looking after your well-being. Physical fitness is important, so devote sufficient time to daily physical exercises such as jogging and a brisk walk every day. Pay daily attention to relaxation, introspection, meditation, yoga or like activities that require you to be alone in a quiet spot uninterrupted for the duration you wish to be alone.

You need to get out of your comfort zone, and explore and venture into something new. Be prepared to take risks and develop the courage to act despite the fear. And most importantly, reverse your past conditioning, break old, bad habits and develop new ones. Ultimately, if none of these is acted on, it will be easy to be filled with deep regret in the years ahead.

To make certain that you practise self-development daily, you require self-imposed discipline. Self-discipline if strictly enforced ensures you do what you have to do but do not feel like doing. Those unimportant activities can be delegated, in place of which you can engage yourselves in activities that will bring about the kind of changes that you want for your life.