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When you self-generate, you produce strong feelings within yourself by yourself, not externally. You can self-generate either positive or negative feelings in response to what goes on around you. If it is your choice, it is certainly to your advantage that you must always try to feel positive as a result of something that has happened to you or been said to you even if that something that happened or said to you is unpleasant. This is because it makes your day.

Surely, you want to feel good everyday. Now who is stopping you from doing that? Only you can stop yourself from feeling what you want to feel. Start off each day with positive thoughts and allow no negative thoughts to gain entry into your mind. This ensures you maintain a happy feeling and happy state throughout the day. Make it a habit. It’s clearly beneficial to you. You will attract others with your happy appearance.

It’s not difficult to start the day feeling good about yourself. Each day when you set out of your home for the office or wherever you are going, tell yourself what beautiful weather it is. Even if the weather is not fine, remind yourself it could be worse. When you see your neighbours, wave your hand. Greet someone good morning.

Make use of self-talk to tell yourself at the start of each day that yes, it’s going to be your lucky day. But what if after saying this to yourself, you slip and fall into a drain and break a leg? Tell yourself you are lucky because it could be worse. Self-talk is no instant cure for your conditions. But it does allow you a degree of self-control. You can use self-talk to generate whatever positive emotions you want. Fill yourself with great feelings. It’s only human nature to want to feel happy, so make yourself feel happy.

Sometimes you generate strong feelings that cause you to use words and thoughts to worsen a situation. When you should be saying or thinking ways to solve a problem or accepting the situation as beyond your control, your choice of words and pessimistic thoughts make you feel your usual resentment flaring up. When you are caught in a traffic jam, and are seething with angry frustration, you utter angry expletives. You give a furious blast on your horn, you blame other drivers and you take it out on your passengers, as if it’s their fault. A traffic jam like many other incidents is a common occurrence and it's wise to restrain yourself and get used to it with composure.

Facial expression is an indication of your inner feeling. Let the whole world know you feel good inside. Wear a sweet smile on your face, at all times if possible. You can’t possibly feel negative and look miserable when you smile. People will reciprocate with a corresponding smile of their own.

If you believe other people are in complete control of how you feel, you will always be a victim. When you feel angry with someone, do you complain that they made you angry? They might have been very provocative but they didn’t give or throw the anger at you. Your anger is self-generated. It wells up within you. You have a free choice to be angry or not. Unwisely, you choose to be angry.

You have come across those who are habitually bad-tempered or unhappy. They will look for the slightest reasons to be angry or miserable. They self-generate negative emotions and only they can help themselves. No one else can, not even God. It's their obligation to free themselves from their self-destructive emotions. It would not be in their interests to do nothing about it.

Your daily activities provide you with countless possibilities to generate a good deal of varied emotions in response to different circumstances. The fact is your responses are based on your perception of the situations and you generate the emotional responses in accordance with your perception. Vow to yourself to perceive positively always. Remember, positive perception develops positive feelings.