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Being a self-directed person, you maintain your personal control and freedom of action. You seek no advice or judgments from other people. You pass your own judgments and rely on your own values and self-dependency. In other words, you are self-directed but not directed by others. You control and determine your own destiny.

Remove past conditioning and become self-directed, and see the difference in yourself. All the wrong ideas, perceptions and biases; false assumptions and beliefs, etc were acquired in the absence of self-direction. They are things of the past. Start anew with permanent self-directed thinking. This involves erasing the old programming and replacing it with a positive one. Do it with positive affirmations and self-talks.

Learning is more likely to produce the desired result if it is self-directed learning. Self-directed learning should be actively encouraged. As a self-directed learner, you seek your own sources of relevant information and course materials. This tends often to lead to discovery of more things or things not known of before and greater acquisition of knowledge. But to be really effective, strict discipline is a must.

Setting and achieving self-directed goals require constant pursuance of your aims. Setting goals involve careful planning and writing them down. As a self-directed person, you possess the ability to use your judgment to make decisions and do things without needing to be told what to do. You are likely to show a lot of initiative and commit yourself to follow through with consistent self-direction until eventual realization of the goals.

Putting employees, students, children, etc. under their own individual control would enable them to express themselves more fully instead of telling them what to do and how to do. The development of self-direction is to be strongly supported. This encourages more innovation and creativity. Some supervision over them, however, is still needed. But this needs to be as minimal as possible as self-directed people are quite capable of being in charge of themselves.

An organization that is becoming too big can be divided into smaller separate units and the individual units can be allowed to be self-directed in their operations. Some official directives on operations are still necessary. Rigid systems that impose strict directives should be changed.