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Self-correction is what you must always be prepared to accept for yourself. As you pursue a goal, the probability is that you will deviate many times from the main track. Each time you steer off course, you need to self-correct in order to stay on track. To self-correct you require feedback which comes from your actions that cause the deviations. You learn from your setback, then make new decisions and take different actions. As a consequence, you gain valuable experience and great competence. You also make steady and rapid progress.

We are not meant to be perfect. Faults, shortcomings, imperfections and human frailties exist in all of us. The only difference is the degree of their severity. Regardless of how severe they are, it is our personal obligation to correct them if we are deadly serious in our attempt at self-improvement. Self-correction is a never-ending process that requires as little outside intervention or external assistance as possible. To be totally devoid of outside help may not be the best idea.

It doesn’t really matter that you make mistakes in whatever you do as long as you self-correct. It’s in your best interests that you know yourself very well or to at least perform occasional own character analysis. Knowing yourself facilitates self-correction which can only lead to an improved personality. A reformed character is a real asset in interaction with other people.

As long as you are prepared to accept feedback and self-correct, you can realize your fullest potential. The most important thing is to make a decision and take action. Whether trying out a new idea or venturing into something new, you can explore different routes or directions, use whatever tools you may deploy to attain your goals, seek new relevant information, and abandon unworkable methods. The almost immediate feedback you receive will help you overcome all the obstacles encountered on the way and guide you on the right course all the time.