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Self-assurance is having self-confidence and strong belief in one’s abilities and character in dealing with people and problems.

A person who possesses self-assurance is completely relaxed and absolutely sure of himself in all situations and when dealing with all kinds of people or problems. It makes no difference in what occupation he may be employed or whatever job position he may hold. While others may display nervousness, over-eagerness or feeling of insecurity in response to a given situation, he always maintains his composure and never does he overreact. He in fact exudes the kind of quiet confidence which is pleasant and attractive.

A self-assured person treats serious matters sincerely and earnestly, rather than jokingly or half-heartedly. His soft voice, which may be mistaken as a timid person or someone who lacks confidence, is an indication of his state of being calm and composed. A strong point of a self-assured person is his ability to be decisive.

A self-assured person is a committed positive thinker and does not find fault with himself, thus ensuring his self-assurance and self-confidence at all time. His feeling of self-worth places him in a very confident position to meet all kinds of challenges, such as meeting new people, public speaking, attending job interviews and taking risks.