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Values are principles or beliefs which you have about what are right and wrong and which govern your personal behaviour. You need to be guided by your moral values to be persons of principle with morally correct behaviour and attitudes, and to not accept a situation or a particular type of behaviour which is contrary to your values.

So what are your values? What values do you believe in? You have to decide what values you believe in. If you believe in the values of integrity, honesty, gratitude, self-reliance, generosity, empathy, and perhaps more, then you are a person of those values. Your values and beliefs form your distinctive character. The ability to know your values enables you to know who you are. When you know who you are on the inside, you can decide what you want on the outside.

If you want to be a person who possesses an impeccable moral character, you need a minimum number of six values. As you live your life, you may add more values to what you already have. Some of your values are more important than your other values. Your values help you in making your decisions to want what you want in life and to realize your full potential. You act according to the dominant value at a given moment so that if you have to decide between two actions, your dominant value predominates.

You can know what values you own by your actions and behaviour. Other people too recognize your values which are evident from how you act and behave. This is because you always act and behave in accordance with your values. Your inner values determine who you are on the outside. If you are calm and composed even though you are under considerable pressure or being deliberately provoked, composure could well be one of your core values. You will not react in any negative way as it goes against your real values.

Your values determine how you make a decision or choice. If self-reliance is one of your important values, you want to rely as far as possible on your own powers and resources rather than those of others. Your action here is consistent with what you strongly believe in, and it demonstrates to yourself as well as others the kind of self-reliant person you are.

Your success in relationships or in any other areas of your life reflects your inner values. You must develop your inner values that are consistent with the kind of life you want to have on the outer world. As you build your character, which is the sum total of your values and beliefs, by adding new value, you project that particular value that is what most people notice about you.

Each day you make your decisions based on those values you possess. When your values are clear, you consistently act according to them. If integrity is one of your dominant values, you act responsibly with integrity. As a person of integrity, you are not easily influenced by personal biases or prejudices. You do not react emotionally. Neither do you allow yourself to be driven to act against your values by other people or situations. Such self-respect is rewarded by lasting peace of mind which you rightly deserve.

Moral values are best acquired at an early age. Children receive intellectual education which is separate from the teaching of morals. As a consequence, they are left to learn attitudes and values on their own, and often from wholly inappropriate sources like the television and movies which glamorize crime. Today inevitably you witness the rapid escalation of juvenile crime, senseless violence and other bad situations.

You have a constant moral obligation to help yourself to acquire more values, not more valuables, and see that they are reflected in your daily actions. If you want to change your outer world, you must begin by changing your inner values so that they are consistent with the kind of person you want to be. Your behaviour is your actions and your actions, not your words, matter a great deal. They are a direct reflection of your personality to yourself and to others around you. So what you say about yourself is of little significance.

Your peace of mind or inner peace comes about when you act within your value system which comprises of your values and beliefs. It is about doing what you really value. It is especially important that you know what your value system is and respect it. Your character is a combination of your value system and personality. It is reflected in your behaviour and actions. Your personal happiness or satisfaction is a result of what your value system is made up of.

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