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Home NLP Presuppositions 13. There is a solution to every problem

There is a solution to every problem

NLP Presuppositions
There is a solution to very problem and if you hold a genuine belief in this, there is a greater likelihood that you will find the solution. People who find solutions to problems are those who firmly believe that solutions exist for every problem.

When confronted with a problem, do you give up or delegate it to someone else to solve? Or do you persist in resolving the problem yourself or find a way around it or seek alternative route? Really believing that you can find a solution to every problem and actually doing it gives you immense advantage. It is habit forming and you are highly likely to overcome nearly all if not all the problems you are faced with.

Encountering problems is all part and parcel of living. So if you are fully convinced that a solution exists for every problem, every problem is no longer a problem to you. Your firmly held belief gives you the edge over other people. There will be no barrier to your steady progress in life. Identify the main core of the problem or the root cause of it. Once identified, the problem virtually ceases to be an unsolvable problem and does not require considerable effort to eliminate. The process of living would become a smooth flow. You stand to gain quite a lot by constantly holding onto this belief.

If the great inventors and great men of discoveries did not believe they could be successful, would they do it? Problems serve as feedbacks that enable success to be achieved. Problems contribute to the learning process of attaining a desirable end. In fact, many a successful man will admit that every problem is an opportunity. It however depends very much on one’s perception.

If you continually focus your attention only on successful outcome, chances are you tend to attract more of it. If you focus exclusively on failures, you will meet with failure. If you concentrate hard on seeking a solution to a problem and seriously believe you will find it, you will sooner or later get it. Your thinking does make a world of difference to the kind of result you will get when beset with a problem.