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Negativity is an attitude in which someone takes into account only the bad qualities of situations, other people, etc. Negative people are ubiquitous these days, and perhaps are on the rise. When we try to figure out the chief causes for this bad happening, the main culprits that come to mind are the mass media. Every day we are subject to a continuous flow of negative information from the mass media.

As if that is not bad enough, we are surrounded by negative people who happen to vastly outnumber the positive ones. They consider only the bad sides of a situation, and engage their minds in constant negative thinking, which in turn leads to negative communication. People are quick to believe what others say, especially negative personal opinions and comments. Inevitably, more and more people are becoming negative.

In associating with others, it’s important that we be selective in the kind of people we mix with. We must avoid discreetly those who exude negativity. They are the ones who will have an adverse influence on our thinking and creativity, and we may not realize it. People who are negative are unaware how contagious their negativity is. Other people are quickly affected by it and begin to have it and pass it on to somebody else.

If you do not keep your mind thinking only of positive things, your natural inclination is to think negatively and that tends to make you unhappy, worried or angry. Something unpleasant or disappointing that may have happened to you is a common occurrence. It happens every day to different people. If you do not exert firm control of your own mind and allow it to worry you, you are highly likely to slip into the state of negativity.

Most of the things that cause you to be negative happened in the past. Your negative feelings also arise from worrying about the future. The past is gone and to be forgotten though lessons can be learnt from it. Worrying about the future is not a practical option. The future has yet to come, and what we worry about may not happen. The solution lies in thinking positively at the present moment about the good things you could be doing now and the uplifting plans you have for the future.

We are not born to be negative. We develop a negative attitude through conditioning and bad experiences, and constant contact with people who are full of negativities. To live an improved life, sooner or later we have to recognize our own negativities and take actions to overcome them. Ridding ourselves of all negative emotions is one surefire way to having a really positive attitude to life.

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