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Emotion is created by motion

The way you feel emotionally affects the way you feel physically. The reverse is true. When you are moved physically, you are moved emotionally, too. How you move affects the way you think, feel, and behave. Movements such as running, clapping or jumping alter your body’s chemistry. Change the way you move, and you will change your feelings.

Take control of your physical movement to change how you feel. Move from one body posture to another by adopting a different way in which you hold your shoulders, neck and back, or a particular position in which you stand, sit, walk, etc. You can assume any physical posture and act as if you were not feeling what you are feeling. You then get to experience differently how you feel and think with your new posture.

If you feel depressed, you display your body in a certain manner. You assume a drooping manner. You stand, sit or walk with the shoulders hanging forward and the head bent slightly as if you were tired and bored. Your breathing is shallow. But it’s within your power to stop yourself feeling depressed by taking on a different body posture. It’s difficult, if not impossible to be depressed if you stand tall, head up, and with a smile on your face and with deeper breathing.

Your face has its own expressions when you feel fear, anger or shocked. You can eliminate these negative emotions by changing your facial expressions. Replace your facial expression with a happy smiling expression. Smiling and laughing make you feel good and happy. It’s quite impossible to feel angry, fear or sad, or have the shocked appearance on your face when you smile broadly or laugh happily.

There are many ways you can use to experience positive emotions. Use movement of part of your body, especially your hands, arms or head to convey your feelings such as to show you are free from the nervous feeling if you are a speaker. The next time you start to feel annoyed, disappointed or frustrated, jump up, shake your body out, take a deep breath, and put a cheerful smile on your face

You can take on more positive behaviour until it becomes a habit within your mind to positively influence your emotions. You can copy someone’s mannerisms by moving in the same way that that person moves and then start to have very much the same feelings. Being able to change your emotions puts you in a much better state of mind at any time. With your new condition, you can cope with whatever is upsetting or annoying you much more effectively.